Sunday, September 17, 2017

A look back over the year this far..

What an exciting year we have had this far! We have taken part in lots of learning, activities and experiences with our class mates, buddy class Room 25 and the senior school. We've celebrated Maori language week, Tongan language week, Cook Island language week and Samoan language week. As a very diverse group of learners and staff in Room 9B, we take pride in our heritage and this is reflected in our attire, use of language and wall displays. Apart from everyday learning, we have been lucky enough to go to the Auckland Zoo, Gym City, Stardome (for Matariki) and most recently Year 6 camp Woohoo!!!. We have had so much fun learning in and outside of the classroom. We enjoyed camp the most! It was very muddy but we all got stuck in and did the confidence course. Kent and Jayden were very brave and they both attempted to climb the wall, while being cheered on by their classmates. We are looking forward to doing so much more fun activities and learning along the way. Have a look at some of the learning we have done so far.

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